Sports Massage Therapy

60 min $125. 90 min $165sports massage

Stay Injury Free and Enhance Your Performance

Sports massage is a great way to boost the performance of an athlete. The therapy can be used for rehabilitation, during the training period, and pre & post-performance. The massage is beneficial for all athletes as it improves your athletic performance. There are physiological and physical benefits of the message therapy. It plays a vital role in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are facing injury or not. Lead a better life and improve your performance on the field.
We offer the service of sports massage with the emphasis on preventing injuries and upgrading the individual performance. Sports massage speed up the healing process through simulation of the blood circulation in case of any injury or rehabilitation. Our sports massage therapist in Palm Springs, CA takes care of the massage requirements of an athlete or sports person. It is the great way for anyone to deal with injury, a range of motion issues and chronic pain.
Our Sports Massage Therapy is best for: Preventing Injuries, Enhance Performance, and Rehabilitation.
What makes sports massage different from regular massages?
This type of massage therapy method alleviates the pain occurring in certain parts of the body. Athletes can manage stress better with sports massage. Its ability to target muscle-tendon junctions makes it different from a regular massage therapy. Our massage therapy is availed by world-class professionals, to runners and field players. Even a normal individual can experience the massage to prevent injury. The massage therapy will be a welcome boost to your normal regimen. When an athlete visits us for a massage, we focus on parts of the body that are over-used and pressured.
What are the benefits and side effects of sports massage?
      • Increase in blood flow and flexibility
      • Increase in Joint Range of Motion (ROM)
      • Increase in the elimination of waste product like lactic acid
      • A decrease in muscle tension and neurological excitability
      • Less chance of injury
      • Less recovery time between workouts
      • Improvement in tissue elasticity
      • Opens micro-circulation
      • Reduction in pain
      • Relaxation
      • Reduction in anxiety
We are offering the best massage therapies at the best price in Palm Springs with desirable results. Clearly sports massage therapy is the best solution to prevent injuries and affect your performance in a positive way. Sportsperson can recover quickly from an injury with our best massage therapy program.