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60min $125 /90min $165

Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. It is also known as the ‘loving hands’ massage. This name helps to explain its principles – the massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch.


Lomi lomi works from the belief that memories are not just stored in the brain and mind, but also in every cell of the human body. The long, continuous strokes of the massage are designed to help the body let go of its old patterns and behaviours, which can cause as many stresses and strains as muscle tension.


60min $125 /90min $165


A very light touch subtle manual body therapy. Your therapist palpates and monitors the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord to detect restriction and imbalance in the body. Often recommended for chronic neck and back pain, TMJ, stress, and anxiety, to name a few.   *Please bring loose comfortable clothing to wear during the session

Cranial sacral therapy (also known as craniosacral therapy) is a gentle, noninvasive form of alternative therapy

that deals with the movement of the fluid surrounding the skull and spine and the position of the cranial bones.

Cranial sacral therapists ease the flow of the fluid and free restrictions of nerve passages by focusing on the

membranes that encase the central nervous system.

The skull is made up of 8 bones that protect the brain and 14 smaller bones that comprise the lower front of the

skull. The cranial bones do not fuse but remain seperate throughout life.  The space between the bones are called sutures.

Many times these seperate cranial bones can become stuck or jammed requiring cranial therapy.

Cranial sacral therapy seeks to restore balance to the crainal sacral system and relieve pressure in the cranial

bones and sacrum.  Proper movement of the cranial bones and spinal fluid is critical to good health.


50min $125

manuel Lymphatic Massage

This light style massage promotes cellular cleansing, reduces fluid retention, stimulates fluid circulation, and helps boost the immune system. If your body needs to purify or detox, this lighter, rhythmic massage is the treatment we recommend.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min $125 / 90min $165

deep tissue massage.

Perfect for those wanting deeper pressure to restore range of motion and relieve muscle soreness throughout the body. This therapeutic technique helps penetrate into the deeper layers of the muscle tissue allowing instant relief.

Prenatal Massage 

60min $110


Gentle full body massage that lightens the physical challenges of this important stage of life. The therapist will soothe and restore fatigued pre-term muscles, while keeping you comfortably supported. Offered to women in their second and third trimester.

Spa  Scrub & Rub 90min Scrub and Massage $165


Nothing sounds more tempting than this full body scrub followed by a 60 min. Spa Signature Massage

Hot Stone Massage60min $125 /90min $165


Massage with hot stone treatment

 Heated river stones are used to penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles, allowing circulation while calming the nervous system.Massage with hot stone treatment


60min $125


This ancient Eastern application of pressure point massage on specific reflex zones of the hands and feet will help improve circulation, ease pain, and benefit all parts of the body

Swedish Relaxation Massage

60min $125 /90min $165
Traditional Swedish massage using long flowing and kneading strokes. The perfect way to relax and release stress from the body.

Swedish Massage